About Master Kang Hui Huat

WhiteWelcome to “Zi Wei Dou Shu Fortune Telling and Life Management”.

Thank you for your interest in this site.  Before elaborating on what life management is all about, let me briefly introduce myself.

I graduated from Nanyang University in Singapore with a BA in Psychology.  At the peak of my career, I was the Chief Executive Officer of a listed company in Singapore Stock Exchange.  I am also well versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and had been a Chinese physician for 5 years.

My passion for Chinese metaphysics started since young.  In 1978, I started to pick up Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS).  In 1982, I began teaching ZWDS in Taiwan.  7 years later, I was invited by Zi Teng Tea House in 1989 to teach “Four Flying Stars” in Malaysia.  As a result, I have more than thousand numbers of students and their disciples in Taiwan and Malaysia during those 10 years.  In 1992, I also started teaching ZWDS & Four Flying Stars in Singapore.  So far, many of my students from Singapore, Malaysia and other countries have become Masters of ZWDS.  Since I have retired and having more time to study ZWDS, I realised that I have gathered a broader, deeper and finer understanding of this Astrology, especially within these three years.  I found out that in all these years of my teachings, I have been imparting only the practicing skills but not the philosophy of ZWDS.  And so far, none of the books in the market and masters teaching ZWDS mentioned that the astrology’s transformation originated from I Ching while the hardware derived from Buddhism and Hindu Astrology, thus the rationale is profound and should be a good form of self-cultivation learning.  People who are learning ZWDS tend to be grasping the trivialities and thereby neglected the fundamentals.  Therefore, I wish to hitch on this website as the beginning of life management project, thereby combining the philosophy of ZWDS and methods of ending sufferings and fate changing in the course of effectively managing our lives so as to avoid the bad and seek for good.  I look forward to share my knowledge with all who have interest and passion in Chinese metaphysics.

21 thoughts on “About Master Kang Hui Huat

  1. Master Kang,
    I am frm Malaysia. I want to seriously learn ZWDS. But I cannot read Chinese. Can I learn? I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

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